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Crazy, funny, absurd and bizarre: The 40 most bizarre PC moments

Some ideas are so gaga and beyond good and evil that they are brilliant again. The situation is no different with the users. In our little Picture Story, everything from self-tanners to oil PCs is represented. Grandma's letter soup wants to be spooned out first - here you need strong bites [...]

Impressive Technical Fails of Recent Years (Part 2)

  If you missed our first collection of technology fails, you can check out the exceptionally bad products: Impressive Tech Fails of recent years (Part 1). Today I am taking a pinch of personal excitement into the collection. Have fun remembering products as glorious as… In 2012 [...]

Casemod: Star Wars X-Wing by RandomDesign

The Star Wars X-Wing is the latest creation from the workshop of RandomDesign AKA Stefan and Kathrin Ulrich. The almost completely 3D-printed star fighter is not only a 1:8 model of Poe Dameron’s T-70 X-Wing from the current Star Wars trilogy but incorporates also a liquid-cooled PC featuring the [...]

Work and gaming places from hell

Some work and gaming setups are just for shaking your head. But quite entertaining. A little picture story about the good old and good new times of PC-crafting.

The slightly different open-frame enclosure

Trauma Danger: Bad PC Fat Cups, Tech Fails and Web Curiosities

Halloween has been over for two weeks, but terrible IT or frighteningly poorly implemented PCs can be found all year round. A selection of images where only the head can shake.

Buy a boring black case? Rubbish! Absolutely unnecessary. It would be better to make a colorful case out of a bucket.

Please do not imitate! PC assembly with Shutterstock and co.

Stock photo providers try to reproduce our everyday life through sometimes clichéd images. But not all scenes make sense or should happen in everyday life. A little picture story. Attach cpu to motherboard Similarly moving as the sudden and unexpected pregnancy of the young woman Maria, the [...]

Blanco Build by Ben Q

The case modder Ben Q created an amazing build in white and gold. He worked with Team Group, Seasonic and ASUS on this configuration. Check out his Instagram account: And subscripe on YouTube:   What was your inspiration for the [...]

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